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From innovative and well-funded startups to leading SMEs with revenues +$5M, we have helped clients generate over +$3M in sales in the span of 6 months - and we're confident we can do the same for you. Here are some of our case studies:

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Demand Generation: +$1M Sales Growth in 3 Months

How Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Generated +$1M Sales in 3 Months During a Pandemic!



PolyMailersUSA, an e-commerce envelopes manufacturer and supplier located in Montreal, produces and supplies polyethylene e-commerce envelopes for online retailers across North America. The owners were looking for sales and marketing strategists to bring their company to the next level. 


The Situation

The company hired Toledo Capital Advisors as it was looking to grow its business by developing its North American presence. The founders had established their online e-commerce website and were generating modest sales from online channels but they were looking for effective sales lead generation strategies to grow the pipeline and attract fortune 1000 & 500 companies. 


The Problem

Toledo first met with the owners and discuss their main market and the applications of their product. From there, Toledo analyze interactions and sales cycles with smaller accounts provided by the Management team to understand buyer profiles. With trial and error, Toledo came to the conclusion that small-medium online retailers provided an appropriate avenue for growth, but large traffic volume figures were needed for eCommerce operations to take off. Toledo saw an opportunity to target 50 Fortune 1000 & 500 companies to supply mailers via long-term partnerships. This required an Account-Based Marketing (ABM) approach to sales & marketing to really drive revenues. 

The Solution

Toledo first conducted a deep dive market research & insights from customers and competitors. Product research, customer surveys & competitor intelligence-enabled Toledo to craft a strategy that would make PolyMailersUSA's envelopes more competitive. 



Modifications to the existing mailers made were adding a double adhesive (secondary closure) to the mailers to allow the customers' customer to return clothing they no longer wanted or use the mailer as a method for sending clothes to third-party charitable organizations. This presented the added value to companies to market the bags as a CSR campaign. 


With the growing concerns about the use of plastic, we suggested that all envelopes had certified on them that materials used to fabricate the mailers were made with 100% recycled materials.  

Finally, Toledo identified a growth opportunity for PolyMailersUSA to supply kraft (paper)  envelopes.


To market the mailers, we used a combination of direct cold calling and personalized emailing to drive the pipeline. 


The Results

Once the final touches on the envelopes were made, Toledo identified strategic target accounts, the value proposition and fired away. To date, Toledo created  +$1M in additional sales backlog and in current discussions to supply the largest online retailers in North America and the world. 




  • Increased the competitiveness of existing mailers with added features and functionalities.

  • Delivered communication procedures and faster timelines for quote creation.

  • Created +$1M in sales pipeline in 3 short months and deals currently under review for approval.

  • Generated RFQ for 2.4M kraft mailers, ~ $900,000.00 (repeat orders).



Marvin Garellek, Co-Founder PolyMailersUSA:

We weren’t only able to successfully open the door for new prospects, but we started receiving quotations to fill our pipeline and generating orders to grow our business. The pipeline mattered the most to me. I didn’t want 100 companies that had 5,000 sales; I wanted ten companies to do a couple hundred thousand in sales. Within three months, Adam built the pipeline to $1 million.

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