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Toledo is a B2B market development consultancy. We help leading SMEs and Fortune 500 companies in SaaS, Technology, AI, Cloud and eCommerce grow market shares across North America, Europe and the Middle-East through account-based marketing.

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What We Do

B2B Market Development Strategies That Generate Results

We make marketing teams and their leaders better, fast! Our goal is provide the marketing strategy, tools & resources that enable leading sales & marketing organizations to accelerate sales growth, grow market share & reshape industry boundaries in new markets. 



Founders, executives, investors, sales and marketing leaders bring us on when they want to dramatically reduce lengthy sales cycle times or they're frustrated with declining or stagnant sales growth. Our team will unlock the hidden sales potential in your company with our systematic approach of:

Auditing and assessing your current marketing and revenue strategy.

Conducting an in-depth detailed market analysis to identify unique opportunities in your market.

Audit and revamp your Ideal Customer Profiles (ICPs), Buyer Personas and Messaging.

Map out your buyer journey to your content to bring leads from top of funnel all the way through to close.

Develop and help your team execute a content strategy that is mapped to your buyer journey and help your prospective buyers making purchasing decisions, faster.

Identify the best channels to reach your target audience through firmographic and technographic data.

Execute an innovative B2B account-based marketing campaign to select strategic accounts in new markets or existing ones.


Market Development

Whether you are a European, Middle Eastern or Asia-Pacific technology company looking to penetrate North America fast, or a Canadian business looking to reach U.S. markets, our team will assist you through the commercialization of your solutions all the way from Business Development and Marketing to dramatically accelerate sales in targeted geos.







We help foreign companies establish their market presence in North America by being their strategic partner in the region, helping adapt their marketing and business development processes to the North American way of business, and leverage our vast network to accelerate go-to-market in the region.

Our successful track record of yielding significant 10X ROI to our business partners sets us apart from any competitor or internal team. We bring in an objective third-party perspective on your sales and marketing processes and implement our proven account-based selling strategy to drive top line results and enterprise value.


Our services are tailored for your particular situation...

We don't offer off-the-shelf services; our approach is highly customer-centric and hyper-personalized to your business need. Contact us for a free consultation.

How to Create an Effective Marketing Strategy for Small and Medium Business

How We Start Each Engagement

Before we craft and implement a new marketing strategy for you, interview prospective buyers, derive detailed buyer profiles and develop your content marketing strategy, our team will take a deep dive into your existing process. 

Step 1

We begin with a 10-day audit of your current marketing efforts, from your content strategy all the way through your sales funnel and analytics to optimize conversion rates on your B2B lead generation efforts (paid or organic social channels) to identify key areas you can improve immediately

Step 2

Our team will conduct detailed market research and insights in your vertical to identify top growing opportunities. From competitor intelligence, to customer surveys and interviews, will detail exactly who your addressable market is and develop several buyer profiles that need to be targeted in your target market.

Step 3

Once we identified all the gaps in your industry, the target market and their buyer profiles, we'll start crafting a sales and marketing plan for your customer-facing staff to implement.

Step 4

It's time to develop your content marketing strategy. Thanks to our initial efforts in steps 1-3, we will be able to devise a content strategy that speaks to the core issues your buyers are facing.

Step 5

Ideas are great, but execution is what matters. We'll help you execute all of our strategies alongside your existing marketing and sales staff. Our focus here is to align the sales & marketing efforts to complete the objectives of not only the marketing campaign, but the quarterly and yearly objectives of the company.

Step 6

Once your sales and marketing staff are aligned, marketing efforts are executed and you've achieved significant ROI on your marketing, it is time to think bigger. We'll help you set up your marketing and sales department with training, recruiting top talent and investing in innovative technologies that will help streamline your processes and scale your business towards exponential growth! 

Who we are

We provide integrated sales and marketing services such as: market research, customer profiling, tailored lead generation, content marketing strategy and execution, campaign strategy and execution, marketing audits, revenue audits and sales and marketing strategy.


We continue to find success in this market because of:

  • Our roll-up the sleeves approach and not being afraid to getting involved with teams and executives on pinpointing the right course of action.

  • Our commitment to provide long-term sales and marketing integrated services to companies.

  • Our track record of success with innovative and disruptive companies.


Adam Toledano 


Adam has advised and consulted many organizations in the last 3 years both from an internal & external perspective. His expertise lies in driving top line sales & account-based marketing in the Software, Tech, Manufacturing, Distribution and Business Services industries. Prior to founding Toledo, Adam was an internal strategic advisor at  Lavasoft (now Avanquest), an internet giant in Europe & North America. Adam brought his expertise into middle-market private equity & buy-side M&A at Deloitte before founding Toledo.

Olivier Cohen, MBA


Olivier has a wide multi-disciplinary background in engineering, management and business development. Mechanical engineer by trade, he started his career at CAE, an aerospace giant where he took on projects ranging from product development, quality assurance, and customer deployment. After having completing his MBA in 2019, he dove into the burgeoning field of Smart-City IoTs, leading the business development and partner management portfolios for a Montreal-based ESCO company focusing on intelligent streetlights. This included some high-profile bids and proposals for large municipalities in Quebec as well as partnership deals with large IoT solutions providers. At Toledo, Olivier brings valuable industry experience for core-operational activities and strategic partner management.






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